Full Product Range

The resonances that you will experience from the treated products, will create structure at cellular level
which supports well-being and vitality.

Products to Structure Water

For optimal hydration at cellular level –  it is important to present cells with structured water.

Drink the best water available –  or at least filter the tap water and then treat with a Tri-Vortex water disc.

Products for Natural Pain Relief & Vitality

Products are successfully used for natural pain relief with no chemicals

In the human body, pain is a sign of long term dehydration. Long term dehydration is the cause of most health problems.

When your body is in a chaotic state. you experience fatigue, low energy & most of all PAIN. When the body is in a coherent state, you have more energy, vitality & very little pain. By wearing the Tri-Vortex pendants & bracelets, you create coherence at cellular level – with the benefits as described in many many testimonials.

Products for EMF Protection

These products are treated with an advanced and safe acoustic process. This natural process enhances ordinary materials to induce organized molecular structure in organic matter – such as water and living tissue. Effectively the technology reverses cellular chaos resulting from harmful electromagnetic stimuli .


Shungite, a unique rock of Carbon & Silicate minerals from Russia, is an EMF protector stone, it is a natural composite that has the properties of absorption and dispersion of EMF waves. These protective properties are associated with its unusual structure. The structure of shungite is a quartz matrix (made of silicon dioxide) inside which carbon flakes are scattered. This is a special carbon of the highest allotropic form containing fullerenes and other nanoparticles. In addition, the quartz matrix is doped with micro-sized metals. With these properties, Shungite lends itself as an excellent EMF protector

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