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What is Tri-Vortex

Tri-Vortex is a chemical free innovation that uses a bio-mimicry process to impart naturally optimised resonances into materials.

Tri-Vortex uses proprietary frequency techniques and software to create these subtle energy products.

These combined processes can best be described as “electromagnetic tempering”.

Tri-Vortex first generation chamber

Optimised resonance techniques

All Atoms vibrates on a specific frequancy

Everything vibrates

Energy illustration

Its not a mystery

Tri-Vortex imparts a subtle vibration into treated materials
Sympathetic Resonance

Sympathy, the essence of Life

Tri-Vortex Geometry

Sound, Light & Energy are all Geometry


Tri-Vortex Resonance Techniques

For optimal cellular hydration –  it is advisable to present cells with  structured water.

Tri-Vortex jewellery can be worn night & day. The calming effects & health benefits will soon become evident!

Protection against electro-magnetic radiation that is harmful to us at cellular level.