Products For:

For optimal cellular hydration – it is best to present cells with structured water.

Tri-Vortex jewellery can be worn night & day. In time,  the calming effects & health benefits will become evident!

For protection against electro-magnetic radiation that is harmful to us at cellular level.

The resonances that you will experience from the treated products, will create structure at cellular level
which supports well-being and vitality.

Products to Structure Water

For optimal hydration at cellular level –  it is important to present cells with structured water.

Drink the best water available –  or at least filter the tap water and then treat with a Tri-Vortex water disc.

Products for Natural Pain Relief & Vitality

Products are successfully used for natural pain relief with no chemicals

In the human body, pain is a sign of long term dehydration. Long term dehydration is the cause of most health problems.

When your body is in a chaotic state. you experience fatigue, low energy & most of all PAIN. When the body is in a coherent state, you have more energy, vitality & very little pain. By wearing the Tri-Vortex pendants & bracelets, you create coherence at cellular level – with the benefits as described in many many testimonials.

Products for EMF Protection

These products are treated with an advanced and safe acoustic process. This natural process enhances ordinary materials to induce organized molecular structure in organic matter – such as water and living tissue. Effectively the technology reverses cellular chaos resulting from harmful electromagnetic stimuli .

Tri-Vortex Cell Phone Disc

Cell Disc –  4 Pack

Cell Phone Disc

4 Cell Phone Discs Per Pack.

The Tri-Vortex Cell Phone Disc brings structure to the chaotic environment created by the electromagnetic waves, significantly reducing the effect of the radiation.

Why EMF Protection?

When you use electrical appliances such as cell phones or cordless phones, electromagnetic waves pass through your body. These waves have been found to negatively affect the body & can cause illness.

Only Available in South Africa

Perfect Power Adapter


These adapters transform the electricity into beneficial left-hand turn energies that are biologically friendly. For those of you sitting in front of computers & TV’s for long periods, this power adapter is an absolute must!!!

Did you Know? The spin orientation of molecules in alternating current electricity shifts from a left hand turn to a right hand turn at 50 times per second. This Chaotic electricity is HAZARDOUS to short term & long term human & animal health

Result – These adapters transform the electricity into beneficial left-hand turn energies that are biologically friendly. 

Is this for You?

Are you experiencing fatigue & discomfort after watching TV or working on your computer for extended periods of time? This is because the molecules of your cells have been exposed to the electromagnetic pollution coming from these devices.

Proof it works!

When a glass of grape juice or wine is placed under a functioning lamp (or any other electrical device) that is connected to a Tri-Vortex Perfect Adapter, the smell & taste of the grape juice or wine is dramatically improved within 5 Minutes!