• Stainless steel – non magnetic
  • 4 Discs Per Pack
  • Each Disc will last approximately 9 months
Cell Phone Disc front & back view


  • When you use electrical appliances such as cell phones or cordless phones, electromagnetic waves pass through your body. These waves have been found to negatively affect the body & can cause illness.
  • The Tri-Vortex Cell Phone disc brings structure to the chaotic environment created by the electromagnetic waves, significantly reducing the effect of the radiation.


  • Each Packet Contains 4 Units
  • Use a disc on your cell phone or cordless phone or other electronic devices as listed below.
  • Peel the tape of the back of the Disc & stick the Disc on the back of the cell phone cover where battery or power supply is located.
  • Can also be used for I-PODS, PDAs, CD Players, Game boys etc..
  • For maximum benefit , replace disk every 9 months on devices that are used continuously.

Meridian testing

Below is a study that was done on the effects of EMF  – and how our Tri-Vortex Cell Phone Disc was able to reverse the damage caused.

Using a BEST Analyser, we demonstrated the improvement  when using an Tri-Vortex treated  disc attached to a cell phone!

Meridian test results
Meridian test summary