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Tri-Vortex™ technology is a specialised sound application for natural health and environmental solutions. The unique equipment is used to treat various types of products and materials for use in different industries. Treated products can be beneficial for pain relief from various conditions without chemical intervention.

Tri-Vortex™ treated products have significant benefits and fall into the following categories for human and animal health:

  • Structuring of drinking water - cellular hydration.
  • Beneficial for pain relief – using no harmful chemicals.
  • Vitality and balance.
  • Reduction of EMR side-effects from cell phones and electronic devices.
  • Animal Husbandry - improved health, performance and production.
  • Seedling growth in nurseries - significant in food production.

Tri-Vortex™ treated products are totally unique and offer exclusive benefits and marketing opportunities:

  • Cannot be copied and only three treatment facilities in the world.
  • Offer preventative and natural solutions vs the chemical approach.
  • Less active ingredients required - taking less from the environment.
  • Products are unique and can be authenticated worldwide.
  • Tri-Vortex™ technology is a major step forward in personal health and beauty care.

Distributors in Australia, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Romania, Turkey, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada and some smaller regions.


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